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Hi, my name is Milos Dokic. I am an Automation Technician and Software Programmer with more than 6 years of experience with automation in entertainment industry as a technician and as a manager in my department.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Deakin University and at the same time fast pacing my learning with bootcamps in web development. Recently I have worked on several projects where I have created custom websites for diferent companies.

Check out my awesome Automation & Coding work.

In my spare time I enjoy practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and skydiving.

Automation Work

Here you can find some of my projects I am currently working on, and some of my work in the past that I am very proud of.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Melbourne
Automation Technician

Harry Potter Logo

Working as an automation console programmer, operator and assisting with strategies for a safe working environment

Cirque du soleil
Assistnat Head Of Department

Responsible for working as part of the automation team to install, maintain and operate automated show elements and systems in a safe and consistent manner for Totem. Working as an automation console programmer, operator and assisting with strategies for a safe working environment at all times.

Wynn Palace
Automation supervisor

Accountable for all of Navigator automation system, Stage Technologies rigging and winches, stage turntables, serapid stage lifts, robotics, control systems, PLC Control systems and as well in charge of leading a team of public attraction technicians and managing their schedule accordingly.

Princess Cruises and Fantastic Journey

As part of the head office installation team, my responsibilities included rigging, commissioning, automation programming and manufacturing / updating any necessary paperwork and cue sheets required for every individual project at hand. I was contracted to work for Princess Cruises on there brand new show where we implemented 14 autonomus drones from Veruty Studios


Coding Work/Projects

Here you can find some of my projects I am currently working on, and some of my work in the past that I am proud of.

Book Radar
Full Stack

Book Radar

In collaboration with a colleague, we developed a comprehensive full-stack website leveraging the powerful capabilities of Blazor Web Assembly and .NET 8 frameworks. Our project stands out by integrating a robust Web API, which facilitates seamless interaction between the frontend and backend, ensuring a fluid user experience. We meticulously implemented JWT tokens to secure the application, providing a reliable system for authentication and authorization that supports multiple user roles. This differentiation of roles, including an advanced admin panel, allows for detailed management and control over the application's functionality and user access levels. The entire solution is hosted on Azure as a Software as a Service (SaaS) project, benefiting from Azure's scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. This setup not only enhances the application's performance but also simplifies the maintenance and deployment process torugh GitHub Actions, ensuring our project remains cutting-edge and efficient.

Walker Corporation
Web Developer

Walker Corporation

Working as a part of Web Development team, across multiple projects and platforms using modern, efficient CSS & JavaScript along with semantic HTML and PHP.

OpenStreetMap Route Planner
(In development)

A* algorithm

First project I am working on in my Udacity Nanodegree C++ Program - Building an OpenStreetMap Route Planner with implementing A* search algorithm for finding fastest routes on street maps. (check my progress by clicking the button bellow)

Recreation of Netflix App using ReactJS
(App In development)

Final project from Scrimba Front End Dev - Recreating Netflix App using ReactJS - app currently in development (check my progress by clicking the button bellow)


Chicken Hunt Game
created in C++

Personal project - uni assignment where I created a point and shoot chicken hunt game in C++ using SplashKit library



Here you can find all of my latest training/learning

Web API From Start to Finish

Web API course

C# Mastercourse

Web API course

AWS Machine Learning


The ultimate C# Series: Part2

A* algorithm

The ultimate C# Series: Part1

A* algorithm

The ultimate Git Course

A* algorithm

The Frontend Developer Career Path

A* algorithm

Learning C++

A* algorithm

Web Development Bootcamp

A* algorithm

Python Data Structures

A* algorithm

Programming for Everybody

A* algorithm

Google IT Support

A* algorithm


Craig Price

Cirque du Soleil - Automation Globetrotter
I worked with Milos on the Cirque du Soliel show "Totem", Where we were both responsible for the automation build in this incredibly busy show. I found in the short time I worked with him to be a very knowledgable worker with a great passion for the job in hand. He is a friendly guy and seems to have a natural ability for communication and is very congenial. I really hope I get to work with him again soon.

Gregory Iannarilli

Cirque du Soleil - Lighting / Video Technician
Milos is a super great guy first and foremost! He is your guy for just about anything. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, crawl into small spaces, or do things that might scare him. He is a very personable guy and loves to chat with anyone who approaches him. He keeps his cool during tense moments, and is eager to learn and improve his portfolio of skills at all times.

Miquel Llull Riera

Cirque du Soleil - Electronic Maintenance Coordinator
I had the pleasure to work with Miloš in Cirque du Soleil’s show TOTEM in the Automation department and in many different improvement projects. It was a real pleasure to work with him as he is not only a good automation technician, fast learner, confident and good professional but also a great person to be with.

Tracy Joy Andronek

Princess Cruises - Live Entertainment Project Manager, specializing in theatrical automation, training & live show installations
I have known Milos for over 5 years and most recently worked with him on Princess Cruise’s largest show to date, Fantastic Journey. Earlier in Milos’s career with Princess, his role was crew chief, as well as Automation operator. Milos quickly moved up in the ranks due to his passion to learn, work ethic, and constant training. During this time as a crew chief I would often call upon Milos to assist our automation department with programming updates, paperwork, and maintenance checks. He was quick to assist, eager to do more and always came through when asked to go above and beyond his normal duties. Milos has a positive attitude and cheerful outlook on life, which translates into a supportive and productive team atmosphere.

Working alongside Milos during Fantastic Journey was a pleasure. Milos not only brought his experience and professionalism to the team, but his positive attitude. His willingness to jump into any challenge sent his way, problem solve, and work independently as well as collaboratively was an asset to the team and the success of the installation.